The Small Canon of Scripture



Short Title

The Book of Genesis GEN Genesis
The Book of Exodus EXOD Exodus
The Book of Leviticus LEV Leviticus
The Book of Numbers NUM Numbers
The Book of Deuteronomy DEUT Deuteronomy
The Book of Joshua JOSH Joshua
The Book of Judges JUD Judges
The First Book of Samuel 1SA 1 Samuel
The Second Book of Samuel 2SA 2 Samuel
The First Book of Kings 1KI 1 Kings
The Second Book of Kings 2KI 2 Kings
The Book of Psalms PS Psalms
The Book of Isaiah ISA Isaiah
The Book of Jeremiah JER Jeremiah
The Book of Lamentations LAM Lamentations
The Book of Ezekiel EZEK Ezekiel
The Book of Daniel DAN Daniel
The Book of Hosea HOS Hosea
The Book of Joel JOE Joel
The Book of Amos AM Amos
The Book of Obadiah OBAD Obadiah
The Book of Jonah JON Jonah
The Book of Micah MIC Micah
The Book of Nahum NA Nahum
The Book of Habakkuk HAB Habakkuk
The Book of Zephaniah ZEPH Zephaniah
The Book of Haggai HAG Haggai
The Book of Zechariah ZECH Zechariah
The Book of Malachi MAL Malachi
The Gospel According to Matthew MT Matthew
The Gospel According to Mark MK Mark
The Gospel According to Luke LK Luke
The Gospel According to John JN John
The Revelation Given to John REV Revelation
A Disclosure of the Mysteries of Heaven Contained in the Holy Scripture or Word of the Lord, Together with Amazing Things Seen in the World of Spirits and in the Heaven of Angels AC Arcana Coelestia
Worlds in Our Solar System, and Planets in the Starry Heavens, and Their Inhabitants, as Well as the Spirits and Angels There: From Things Heard and Seen EU Earths in the Universe
Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell - From Things Heard and Seen HH Heaven and Hell
The Last Judgment and Babylon Destroyed, Showing That at This Day All the Predictions of the Book of Revelation Have Been Fulfilled - From Things Heard and Seen LJ The Last Judgment
The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Teaching - From Things Heard from Heaven: Preceded by a Discussion of the New Heaven and the New Earth NJHD The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine
The White Horse in Revelation Chapter 19; and the Word and Its Spiritual Sense (from Mysteries of Heaven) WH The White Horse
Teachings for the New Jerusalem on the Lord LD Doctrine of the Lord
Teachings for the New Jerusalem on Sacred Scripture SS Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture
Teachings about Life for the New Jerusalem: Drawn from the Ten Commandments LF Doctrine of Life
Teachings for the New Jerusalem on Faith FA Doctrine of Faith
Continuation on the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World CLJ Continuation of the Last Judgment
Angelic Wisdom about Divine Love and Wisdom DLW Divine Love and Wisdom
Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence DP Divine Providence
The Book of the Apocalypse Revealed, Uncovering the Secrets That Were Foretold There and Have Lain Hidden until Now AR Apocalypse Revealed
Wisdom's Delight in Marriage Love: Followed by Insanity’s Pleasure in Promiscuous Love ML Conjugial Love
A Brief Exposition of the Teachings for the New Church Meant by the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation BE Brief Exposition
The Interaction between Soul and Body That Some Attribute to a Flow of Energy from the Body, Some to a Flow of Energy from the Spirit, and Some to a Preestablished Harmony ISB Interaction of the Soul and Body
True Christian Religion: Containing the Whole Theology of the New Church Predicted by the Lord in Daniel 7:13-14 and Revelation 21:1-2 TCR True Christian Religion

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