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AC 10181

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10181. And two cubits the height thereof. That this signifies the degrees of good and of truth, and their conjunction, is evident from the signification of "two," as being conjunction (see n. 1686, 5194, 8423); and from the signification of "height," as being the degrees of good and of the derivative truth (n. 9489, 9773). By degrees of height are meant degrees from interiors to exteriors, or from inmosts to outermosts, the nature of which degrees may be seen illustrated and shown above (n. 3405, 3691, 4145, 5114, 5146, 8603, 8945, 10099).
[2] Degrees are of two kinds, namely, degrees in length and breadth, and degrees in respect to height and depth; the latter differ greatly from the former. Degrees of length and breadth are those which succeed each other from the middle to the circumference; but degrees of height proceed from interiors to exteriors. The former degrees, namely of length and breadth, are degrees which continually decrease toward the circumferences, as light decreases from a flame down to its obscurity, and as the sight of the eye decreases from the nearest objects to those which are most remote, and as the intellectual sight decreases from those things which are in light to those which enter into shade. But degrees of height, which proceed from inmosts to outermosts, or from highests to lowests, are not continuous, but discrete. They are circumstanced as are the inmosts of a seed in respect to its exteriors; and as are the inmosts of a man in respect to his outermosts; and as the inmost of the angelic heaven is in respect to its outermost. These degrees are discriminated from each other, and are thus distinct, as are that which produces and that which is produced.
[3] Things which are in an interior degree are more perfect than those which are in an exterior degree, and there is no likeness between them except through correspondences. From this it is that those who are in the inmost heaven are more perfect than those who are in the middle heaven, and that these are more perfect than those who are in the ultimate heaven. It is the same with a man in whom is heaven; his inmost is in a more perfect state than his middle, and this is in a more perfect state than his ultimate; and they are associated together in no other way than through correspondences, the nature of which has been abundantly shown in the preceding explications.
[4] He who does not acquire a perception of these degrees cannot possibly know the differences between the heavens, and those between the interior and exterior faculties of man, thus neither can he know the difference between the soul and the body. Nay, he cannot at all apprehend what the internal sense of the Word is, and its difference from the external sense, nor even the difference between the spiritual world and the natural. He cannot even understand what and whence correspondences and representations are, and scarcely what influx is. Sensuous men do not apprehend these differences, for they regard as continuous any increase or decrease according to these degrees, thus they regard these degrees as being like those of length and breadth, and therefore they stand outside, and far away from intelligence.
[5] These degrees are degrees of height, and therefore by what is high in the Word is meant what is interior (n. 2148, 4210, 4599), and because interior, also more perfect. From this it is that in the Word the Lord is called "the Highest," because He is perfection itself, intelligence and wisdom itself, and good and truth itself; and from this it is that heaven is said to be on high, because it is in perfection, intelligence, wisdom, good, and truth, from the Lord; and therefore hell is said to be in the deep, because there is in it no perfection, no intelligence and wisdom, and no good and truth.


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