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AC 4334

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4334. But of that day and hour knoweth no one;
signifies the state of the church at that time as to goods and truths, that it would not appear to anyone, neither on earth nor in heaven. For by "day and hour" here is not meant day and hour, or time; but state as to good and truth. That times in the Word signify states, see n. 2625, 2788, 2837, 3254, 3356; as also do "days," n. 23, 487, 488, 493, 893, 2788, 3462, 3785; and thence also hours, but specifically state. That it is here state as to good and truth, is because the subject treated of is the church, for good and truth make the church.
[2] Not the angels of the heavens, but My Father only;
signifies that heaven does not know the state of the church as to good and truth specifically, but the Lord alone, and also when that state of the church will come. That the Lord Himself is meant by the "Father," see n. 15, 1729, 2004, 2005, 3690; and that the Divine Good in the Lord is what is called the "Father," and the Divine Truth from the Divine Good "the Son," n. 2803, 3703, 3704, 3736; and therefore they who believe that the Father is one and the Son another, and who separate them from each other, do not understand the Scriptures.
[3] For as they were in the days before the flood;
signifies the state of vastation of those who are of the church, which is compared to the state of vastation of the first or Most Ancient Church; the consummation of the age or Last Judgment of which is described in the Word by the "flood." That by the "flood" is signified an inundation of evils and falsities and the consequent consummation of that age, see n. 310, 660, 662, 705, 739, 790, 805, 1120. That "days" signify states, see above.
[4] Eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage;
signifies their state as to the appropriation of evil and falsity, and the consequent conjunction with these. That "to eat" denotes the appropriation of good, and "to drink" the appropriation of truth, see n. 3168, 3513e, 3596; thus in the opposite sense the appropriation of evil and falsity. That "to marry" denotes conjunction with evil, and "to give in marriage," conjunction with falsity, may be seen from what has been said and shown respecting marriage and conjugial love (n. 686, 2173, 2618, 2728, 2729, 2737-2739, 2803, 3132, 3155), namely, that in the internal sense this is the conjunction of good and truth, but here in the opposite sense the conjunction of evil and falsity. Whatever the Lord spoke, being Divine, is not the same in the internal sense as in the letter. Thus eating and drinking in the Holy Supper do not signify in the spiritual sense eating and drinking, but the appropriation of the good of the Lord's Divine love (n. 2165, 2177, 2187, 2343, 2359, 3464, 3478, 3735, 4211, 4217). And as when predicated of the church and the Lord's kingdom the conjugial is the conjunction of the good of love with the truth of faith, therefore from this conjunction the Lord's kingdom is called in the Word the heavenly marriage.
[5] Until the day that Noah entered into the ark;
signifies the end of the former church, and the beginning of the new. For by "Noah" is signified the Ancient Church in general which succeeded the Most Ancient after the flood (n. 773, and elsewhere); and by the "ark," the church itself (n. 639). "Day," which is mentioned several times in these verses, signifies state, as shown just above.
[6] And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away;
signifies that the men of the church will not then know that they are inundated by evils and falsities, because on account of the evils and falsities in which they are they will not know what the good of love to the Lord is, and the good of charity toward the neighbor, and also what the truth of faith, and that this is from that love and charity, and is not possible except with those who live in this love and in this charity. They will also be ignorant that the internal is what saves and condemns, but not the external separate from the internal.
[7] So shall the coming of the Son of man be;
signifies the Divine Truth, and that they will not receive it. It has been said before (Mat. 24:27, 30), that the "coming of the Son of man" is the Divine Truth which will then be revealed (also in n. 2803, 2813, 3004-3009, and 3704).
[8] Then shall two be in the field; one shall be taken, and one shall be left;
signifies those within the church who are in good, and those within the church who are in evil-that they who are in good will be saved, and that they who are in evil will be condemned. That a "field" denotes the church as to good, see n. 2971, 3196, 3310, 3317, 3766.
[9] Two women shall be grinding at the mill; one shall be taken, and one shall be left;
signifies those within the church who are in truth, that is, in the affection of it from good, that they will be saved; and those within the church who are in truth, that is, in the affection of it from evil, that they will be condemned. That in the Word "to grind," and a "mill" have this signification, will be evident from what now follows. From all this it is now evident that by these words is described what the state as to good and truth will be within the church when it is being rejected, and a new church is being adopted.


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