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AC 6115

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6115. And Joseph brought the silver into Pharaoh's house. That this signifies that it was all brought into relation to what is general in the natural, is evident from the signification of "bringing into," as being to bring into relation and to introduce; from the signification of "silver," as being true and adaptable memory-knowledge (see n. 6112); and from the representation of Pharaoh, as being the natural in general (see n. 5160, 5799, 6015); thus the "house of Pharaoh" is what is general in the natural, because it is everything therein in the complex.
[2] In regard to true and adaptable memory-knowledges being brought into relation to what is general, be it known that in order to be anything, all memory-knowledges and also all truths whatsoever, must be brought into relation to their generals, and must be placed and contained in and under a general, as otherwise they are at once dissipated. For in order that memory-knowledges and truths may be anything, they must be brought into a form in which they shall mutually regard each other, which cannot be effected unless they are consociated under a general; and therefore it is this general which holds them together in form, and causes that each constituent therein may have its own quality. The general itself, together with other generals, must also be brought into relation under things more general; and the more general things again, under the most general; for otherwise the general things, and likewise the more general things, would be dissipated.
[3] The most general universal, by virtue of which all things are held together, is the Lord Himself, and that which holds together is the Divine truth proceeding from Him. The more general things are the general societies in the spiritual world, into which the Divine truth flows and distinguishes them in kind from one another. The general things are the societies less general under each more general society. The more general societies are those to which the members, organs, and viscera in man correspond, which by a wonderful connection are in such a form that they mutually regard each other, and thus mutually hold each other together, and also present themselves as a one. In man, the most general universal, which holds the single things together, is the soul; thus also it is the Divine truth proceeding from the Lord, for this is continually flowing in and causing the soul to be such as it is.
[4] The Divine truth proceeding from the Lord is what is called the "Word through which all things were created" (John 1:1-3), or through which all things have come into existence, consequently through which all things subsist. That all things in the universal natural world are under a general, and each thing under its own general; and that otherwise they cannot subsist, will be plainly discerned by him who is willing to pay attention to the things in nature.


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