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AC 6343

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6343. Thou art my strength. That this signifies power in good by means of faith, is evident from the representation of Reuben, who here is "thou," as being faith in the understanding (see n. 6342); and from the signification of "strength," as being the power that is in good. As regards power, namely, the power of thinking and willing, of perceiving, of doing what is good, of believing, and of dissipating falsities and evils, it is all from good through truth; good is the principal, and truth is only the instrumental (see n. 3563, 4931, 5623). That there is signified the power that is in good, is because "strength" signifies this power, whereas "forces" signify the power of truth; hence it is that by "the beginning of my forces," as presently follows, is signified the first power in truth; for the word by which "forces" are expressed in the original, is in the Word predicated of truth; but the word by which "strength" is expressed, is predicated of good.
[2] That the Word is holy, and in its interiors most holy, is very evident from the fact that in every detail of the Word there is the heavenly marriage, that is, the marriage of good and truth, thus heaven; and that in every detail of the inmost sense there is the marriage of the Lord's Divine Human with His kingdom and church; nay, in the supreme sense there is the union of the Divine Itself and the Divine Human in the Lord. These most holy things are in every detail of the Word-a manifest proof that the Word has descended from the Divine. That this is so may be seen from the fact that where mention is made of good, mention is made of truth also; and where the internal is spoken of, the external also is spoken of. There are also words which constantly signify good, and words which constantly signify truth, and words which signify both good and truth; and if they do not signify them, still they are predicated of them, or involve them. From the predication and signification of these words it is plain that, as before said, in every detail there is the marriage of good and truth, that is, the heavenly marriage, and in the inmost and supreme sense the Divine marriage which is in the Lord, thus the Lord Himself.
[3] This appears everywhere, but not evidently except in passages where there are repetitions of the same thing, with only a change of words, as in this chapter, where it is said of Reuben, "Thou art my strength, and the beginning of my forces;" also, "excellent in eminence, and excellent in power." Here "strength" relates to good, and "forces" to truth; and "excellent in eminence" to truth, and "excellent in power" to good. So in the following verse, of Reuben: "Thou wentest up on thy father's bed; then thou profanedst it; he went up on my couch." So in what follows with respect to Simeon and Levi: "Cursed be their anger, for it was vehement, and their wrath, for it was hard; I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel" (verse 7); where "anger" signifies a turning away from good, and "wrath" a turning away from truth; and "Jacob" is the external of the church, and "Israel" is its internal. Also with respect to Judah: "Thy brethren shall celebrate thee; thy father's sons shall bow down to thee" (verse 8). Again: "He binds his young ass unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washes his clothing in wine, and his covering in the blood of grapes" (verse 11). With respect to Zebulun: "He shall dwell at the haven of the seas, and he shall be at the haven of ships" (verse 13). With respect to Dan: "He shall be a serpent upon the way, an arrow-snake upon the path" (verse 17).
[4] Like things frequently occur in the Psalms and in the prophets, as in Isaiah:
Babel shall not be inhabited to eternity, neither shall it be inhabited even to generation and generation. Her time is near, and it shall come, and her days shall not be prolonged (Isa. 13:20, 22).
Seek ye from above in the book of Jehovah, and read ye; no one of these shall be missing, the one shall not long for the other; for with the mouth He hath commanded, and His spirit it hath gathered them. And the same hath cast the lot for them, and the hand hath distributed to them by rule. They shall possess it even eternally, to generation and generation shall they dwell therein (Isa. 34:16, 17);
and so in a thousand other passages. He who does not know that the expressions in the Word are significative of spiritual and celestial things, and that some are said of good, and some of truth, cannot but believe that such expressions are mere repetitions, said merely to fill up, and therefore in themselves useless; and from this it is that they who think wrongly about the Word, regard such expressions as ground for contempt; when yet the veriest Divine things are stored therein, namely, the heavenly marriage, which is heaven itself; and the Divine marriage, which is the Lord Himself. This sense is the "glory" in which the Lord is, and the literal sense is the "cloud" in which is this glory (Matt. 24:30; Luke 21:27. See the preface to Genesis 18, and also n. 5922.)


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