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AC 9335

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9335. And the wild beast of the field be multiplied upon thee. That this signifies a flowing in of falsities from the delights of the loves of self and of the world, is evident from the signification of "being multiplied," when said of the hasty removal of evils and falsities, as being a flowing in; and from the signification of "the wild beast of the field," as being falsities from the delights of the loves of self and of the world. By "beasts" of various kinds mentioned in the Word are signified good and evil affections (see n. 9280); consequently by "wild beasts" are signified the affections of falsity that arise from the delights of the loves of self and of the world. Moreover, these affections are represented in the other life by wild beasts, as by panthers, tigers, wild boars, wolves, and bears. They are also like wild beasts, for those who are in these loves are in evils of every kind and in the derivative falsities, and like wild beasts do they look at and act toward their associates. (That all evils and falsities spring from these loves, see n. 2041, 2045, 2057, 2363, 2364, 2444, 4750, 4776, 6667, 7178, 7255, 7364, 7366-7377, 7488, 7490-7494, 7643, 8318, 8487, 8678.)
[2] That through the hasty removal of evils and falsities, the falsities from these loves would flow in, is because goods and truths must remove the evils and falsities by being successively implanted; for falsities can only be removed by truths; and evils can only be removed by goods. If this is not done successively and according to order, the falsities which favor these loves will flow in; for before he has been regenerated these loves reign in every man, and when falsities flow in, truths are no longer acknowledged. Moreover, the man who is being regenerated is kept in the affection of truth, and while he is in this affection he seeks on all sides for truths among the memory-knowledges in the natural; and the fallacies of the external senses then present themselves there - for they are very abundant there - and when the delights of the loves of self and of the world breathe on the man, he infers from these fallacies nothing but falsities, which follow on, and fill the mind, if the falsities of evil are suddenly removed. These are the things which are meant in the internal sense by "I will not drive him out from before thee in one year, lest the land be desolate, and the wild beast of the field multiply upon thee; by little and little I will drive him out from before thee, until thou be fruitful and inherit the land."
[3] That "a wild beast" denotes falsity and evil springing from the loves of self and of the world, is plain from the passages in the Word where it is mentioned; as in the following:
A path shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass through it, nor shall any ravenous wild beast go up thereon (Isa. 35:8, 9).
I will send upon thee famine, and an evil wild beast, and they shall bereave thee (Ezek. 5:17).
When I cause the evil wild beast to pass through the land, and it bereave it, and it become a desolation, so that no one passeth through because of the beast (Ezek. 14:15).
Thou shalt fall upon the faces of the field; I will give thee for food to the wild beast of the earth, and to the bird of the heaven (Ezek. 29:5).
Then I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will make the evil wild beast to cease out of the land; that they may dwell securely in the wilderness. They shall no more be a prey to the nations, and the wild beast of the field shall no longer devour them (Ezek. 34:25, 28).
[4] I will lay waste her vine and her fig-tree, and I will make them into a forest, and the wild beast of the field shall devour them (Hos. 2:12).
The land shall mourn, and everyone that dwelleth therein shall waste away, because of the wild beast of the field, and because of the bird of the heavens (Hos. 4:3).
The boar out of the wood doth trample it, and the wild beast of the fields doth consume it. Turn again, O God Zebaoth, and visit Thy vine (Ps. 80:13, 14).
Thou makest darkness that it may be night; wherein every wild beast of the forest doth come forth (Ps. 104:20).
If ye shall walk in My statutes, and keep My commandments, and do them, I will cause the evil wild beast to cease out of the land. But if ye shall reject My statutes, I will send against you the wild beast of the field, which shall lay you waste (Lev. 26:3, 6, 15, 22).
Jehovah thy God will drive out those nations before thee by little and little, lest perchance the wild beast of the field multiply against thee (Deut. 7:22).
In these passages "the wild beast of the field," "the wild beast of the earth," and "the wild beast of the forest" denote the falsities and evils which are of the loves of self and of the world.
[5] As by "a wild beast" is signified falsity, and falsity is from a double origin, namely, from what is evil, and from what is upright (n. 9258), therefore by "wild beasts" in the Word are also signified the upright Gentiles, who although in falsity, are yet in uprightness of life. In this sense the term "wild animal"* is used in the following passages:
Every wild animal of the forest is Mine, and the beasts upon a thousand mountains. I know every bird of the mountains; and the wild animal of My fields is with Me (Ps. 50:10, 11).
Praise ye Jehovah, ye wild animal, and every beast (Ps. 148:7, 10).
Every wild animal of My fields, come ye to devour, every wild animal in the forest (Isa. 56:9).
All the birds of the heavens made their nests in the branches of the cedar, which is Asshur, and under his branches every wild animal of the field brought forth, and in his shadow dwelt all great nations (Ezek. 31:6).
* Here therefore fera is better rendered "wild animal." [REVISED.]


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