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AC 9424

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9424. And behold Aaron and Hur are with you. That this signifies the doctrine of truth from such a Word, is evident from the representation of Aaron, as being the Word in the external sense, and also the doctrine of good and truth (see n. 6998, 7009, 7089); here the doctrine of truth from this sense alone, because by "the elders," over whom Aaron below the mountain presided as the head, are signified those who are in the external sense of the Word (see n. 9421); and from the representation of Hur, when adjoined to Aaron, as being the truth of this doctrine, which was also represented by Hur when together with Aaron he held up the hands of Moses (Exod. 17:10-12; n. 8603, 8611); for truths out of the Word from which is doctrine, support the Word, which was then represented by Moses.
[2] Occasion again offering, it shall be briefly told how the case is with the support of the Word by doctrine that is from the Word. He who does not know the arcana of heaven must needs believe that the Word is supported without doctrine from it; for he supposes that the Word in the letter, or the literal sense of the Word, is doctrine itself. But be it known that all the doctrine of the church must be from the Word, and that the doctrine from any other source than the Word is not doctrine in which there is anything of the church, still less anything of heaven. But the doctrine must be collected from the Word, and while it is being collected, the man must be in enlightenment from the Lord; and he is in enlightenment when he is in the love of truth for the sake of truth, and not for the sake of self and the world. These are they who are enlightened in the Word when they read it, and who see truth, and from it make doctrine for themselves. The reason of this is that such communicate with heaven, thus with the Lord; and being enlightened by the Lord in this way they are led to see the truths of the Word such as they are in heaven; for the Lord inflows through heaven into their understandings, because it is the man's interior understanding that is enlightened. And at the same time the Lord flows in with faith, by means of the cooperation of the new will, a feature of which is to be affected with truth for the sake of truth. From all this it can now be seen how the doctrine of truth and good is given man by the Lord.
[3] That this doctrine supports the Word in respect to its literal or external sense, is plain to everyone who reflects; for everyone in the church who thinks from doctrine sees truths in the Word from his doctrine and according thereto, and explains those which do not coincide with it; and those which seem to be opposed to it he passes by as though he did not see or understand them; that all do so, even heretics, is known. But they who are in the genuine doctrine of truth from the Word, and in enlightenment when they read the Word, see everywhere truths that agree, and nothing whatever that is opposed; for they do not dwell upon what is said therein according to appearances, and according to the common apprehension of men, because they know that if the appearances are unfolded, and as it were unswathed, the truth is laid bare. Nor are they led astray by falsities from the fallacies of the external senses, as is the case with heretics and fanatics, especially with Jews and Socinians; nor by falsities from the loves of self and the world, as is the case with those who are meant by "Babel." As none of these can be enlightened, they hatch out from the external sense alone a doctrine in favor of their own loves, and add thereto many things from their own; whereby the Word is by no means supported; but falls. Be it known that the internal sense of the Word contains the genuine doctrine of the church.
[4] From all this it is now evident what is the quality of the doctrine here represented by Aaron and Hur, which, being solely from the external sense of the Word apart from the internal, was merely idolatrous. On this account it is said of Aaron, by whom such doctrine was represented, that he made an idol, or golden calf (Exod. 32:2-5, 20, 35; Deut. 9:21). Moreover, in the Word such doctrines are described by "idols," as in the prophets throughout. In Ezekiel:
I went in and saw all the idols of the house of Israel portrayed upon the wall round about. And there stood before them seventy men of the elders of the house of Israel, and each had his censer in his hand; and abundance of a cloud of incense went up (Ezek. 8:10, 11);
here "the idols of the house of Israel" denote doctrines from the external sense only of the Word, not through enlightenment from the Lord, but through man's own intelligence, thus falsities; worship in accordance with these is signified by "a censer in the hand of each," and by "abundance of a cloud of incense."
[5] In Hosea:
They sin more and more, they make them a molten image of their silver, in their own intelligence, all the work of the craftsmen; saying to them, Sacrificing a man, they kiss calves (Hos. 13:2).
"A molten image of silver," and "the work of the craftsmen," denote doctrine from one's own intelligence, and not from the Lord, thus from the external sense of the Word separate from the internal sense, which is the case with those who are solely in external things, and not at the same time in internal things; that is, with those who are in the loves of self and of the world, and not in love to the Lord and in love toward the neighbor.
[6] In Isaiah:
In that day a man shall cast away the idols of his silver, and the idols of his gold, which they made for themselves, to bow down to moles and to bats; to enter into the clefts of the rocks, and into the clefts of the crags (Isa. 2:20, 21; 31:7);
"the idols of silver" denote falsities of doctrine; and "the idols of gold," evils of doctrine; "to bow down to moles and bats, and to enter into the clefts of the rocks and the crags" denotes worship from the falsities and the evils of faith.
[7] In the same:
Ye shall judge unclean the covering of the graven images of thy silver, and the clothing of the molten image of thy gold; thou shalt scatter them as a menstruous cloth; thou shalt call it dung (Isa. 30:22);
"the covering of the graven images of silver, and the clothing of the molten image of gold" denote memory-knowledges of falsity and evil, which are acknowledged and worshiped instead of truths and goods. In the same:
I told thee thenceforth, lest thou shouldest say, Mine idol hath done these things, and my graven image; and my molten image hath commanded them (Isa. 48:5).
Here also "idol," "graven image," and "molten image," denote doctrinal things from man's own intelligence.
[8] In like manner in Jeremiah:
Every man is become foolish from knowledge; every founder is put to shame by His graven image; because his molten image is a lie, and there is no breath in them; they are vanity, a work of delusions (Jer. 10:14, 15).
Here also "graven image" and "molten image" denote doctrinal things from man's own intelligence, which in the external form, because from the external sense of the Word, appear like truths, but in their internal form are falsities; therefore such a man is said to be "foolish from knowledge, and his molten image a lie," and that "there is no breath in them;" they are also called "vanity," and "a work of delusions." In like manner in Habakkuk:
What profiteth the graven image, that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and the teacher of a lie, that the fabricator of his figment trusteth therein? (Hab. 2:18).
[9] In Isaiah:
The craftsman foundeth a graven image, and the metal-caster overlayeth it with gold, and casteth chains of silver; he seeketh for himself a wise craftsman to prepare a graven image (Isa. 40:19-20);
here in like manner "a graven image" denotes doctrine from man's own intelligence. The likeness to truth, induced on it through the Word from its external sense only, and at the same time from fallacies and outward appearances, is signified by "the metal-caster overlaying it with gold, and casting chains of silver, and seeking a wise craftsman to prepare it."
[10] In the same:
They that fashion a graven image are all vanity, and their most wished for things do not profit. He fashioneth the iron with the tongs, and worketh in the coals, and shapeth it with sharp hammers, and worketh it with the arm of his strength. He fashioneth wood, he stretcheth out a line, and marketh it out with a rule; he maketh it in the corners, and marketh it out with the compasses, and maketh it in the form of a man, according to the beauty of a man, to dwell in the house (Isa. 44:9, 13).
Here is described the formation of doctrine from man's own intelligence, and not from any enlightenment from the Lord; and how a likeness of truth is induced on falsities by applications of the Word from its external sense alone, and by reasonings from the fallacies of the senses. Wherefore it is said that he "maketh it in the form of a man, according to the beauty of a man, to dwell in the house." From this there is a likeness of truth in the external form; but falsity in the internal. There is falsity in the internal form when truths are not thought of rightly; for one and the same truth is thought of differently by one person from what it is by another; but falsely by all who are in evil; for one truth consists of an infinite number of other truths; but in the case of those who are in evil it consists of an infinite number of falsities. Consequently with the latter there is no life in this truth; and this is meant by there being "no breath in them," and by their "not hearing, nor seeing, nor understanding" (Jer. 51:17; Ps. 115:4-6). This is like the portrait of a man, which is inwardly nothing but clay, as compared with the form of the man himself, within which there is life, and heavenly beauty, if truths from good are therein.


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