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9643. And thou shalt make forty bases of silver. That this signifies full support by means of truth, is evident from the signification of "forty," as being what is full (see n. 9437); from the signification of "bases," as being support, for bases support; and from the signification of "silver," as being truth (n. 1551, 2954, 5658, 6112, 6914, 6917, 7999). The reason why the bases were of "silver," and the planks were overlaid with "gold," was that by the "planks" is signified good, and by the "bases" truth, and good has power and thus support through truth (that good has power through truth, see n. 6344, 6423, 9327, 9410; also that "gold" signifies good, and "silver" truth, n. 113, 1551, 1552, 5658, 6914, 6917, 8932, 9490, 9510). That good has power through truth, is because truth is the form of good, and good has quality thereby; for where there is quality, there is form. In this way good has that whereby it can work on other things in this or in that manner. From this it is that good has ability, but not determined to anything except by means of truth. Ability determined is actual power, consequently is supporting power.
[2] Moreover, the bases correspond to the feet and soles of the feet in man; and in general to the bones which support all the fleshy part of the body; and by "the feet" and "the bones" in like manner is signified the truth which supports; and by "the fleshy part" in the body is signified the good which supports itself by means of truth. (That all things in nature bear relation to the human form, and have a signification in accordance with their relation to it, see n. 9496; also that "flesh" signifies good, n. 3813, 6968, 7850, 9127; that "the feet" denote what is natural, thus truth in power from good, n. 5327, 5328; that "the body" signifies good, n. 6135; and "the bones," truth supporting, n. 3812e, 8005.)
[3] It is for this reason also that a "foundation," which is a common base, denotes the truth of faith, and faith itself, as can be seen from the passages in the Word where a "foundation" is spoken of; as in Isaiah:
Do ye not know? Do ye not hear? Do ye not understand the foundations of the earth? (Isa. 40:21).
He who does not know what is signified by a "foundation," and what by "the earth," has no other idea than that the lowest parts of the earth are here meant by "the foundations of the earth," although he may perceive, if he pays attention, that something else is meant; for what would it be to know, to hear, and to understand the foundations of the earth ? From this it can be seen that by "the foundations of the earth" are signified such things as belong to the church. That "the earth" in the Word denotes the church, is very evident from the passages in the Word where "the earth" is mentioned (see what has been cited above, n. 9325); and that its "foundations" denote the truths of faith, for these truths serve the church for foundations, as can also be seen further from the following passages. In David:
They acknowledge not, neither do they understand; they walk in darkness; all the foundations of the earth totter (Ps. 82:5);
that the foundations of the earth do not "totter," but the truths of the church with those who do not know, who do not understand, and who walk in darkness, is clear. Again:
The earth was shaken and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains were agitated, and were shaken (Ps. 18:7);
where "mountains" denote the goods of love (n. 795, 4210, 6435, 8327), and their "foundations," the truths of faith. And in Isaiah:
The cataracts from on high have been opened, and the foundations of the earth have quaked (Isa. 24:18);
As a "foundation" denotes the truth of faith, and a "city," the doctrine of it, therefore in the Word "the foundations of the city" is said when the truth of doctrine is meant; as in David:
The channels of waters appeared, and the foundations of the city* were uncovered, by the rebuke of Jehovah (Ps. 18:15).
(That a "city" denotes the doctrine of truth, see n. 402, 2449, 2943, 3216, 4492, 4493).
[4] From this it can be seen what is signified by "the foundations of the city of the holy Jerusalem" in John:
The wall of the city of the holy Jerusalem had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. The foundations of the wall were adorned with every precious stone (Rev. 21:14-20).
He who does not know what is signified by "the holy Jerusalem," what by a "city," what by a "wall," what by a "foundation," and what by "the twelve apostles," can see nothing of the secret here hidden; when yet by "the holy Jerusalem" is meant the New Church of the Lord which will succeed this of ours; by "the city" is meant doctrine; by a "wall," the truth protecting and defending; by "the foundations," the truths of faith; and by "the twelve apostles," all the goods of love and truths of faith in the complex. From this it can be seen why it is said that there will be "twelve foundations," and that they will be "adorned with every precious stone; for a "precious stone" denotes the truth of faith from the good of love (n. 114, 3858, 6640, 9476); and "the twelve apostles" denote all things of love and faith in the complex (n. 3488, 3858, 6397).
[5] From this it is evident what is here signified by "foundations" in Isaiah:
Behold, I set thy stones with antimony,** and lay thy foundations with sapphires (Isa. 54:11);
where "sapphires" denote interior truths (n. 9407). In the same:
Jehovah shall smite Asshur with a rod. Then shall be every passing of the rod of the foundation, upon which Jehovah shall cause him to rest (Isa. 30:31, 32);
"the rod of the foundation" denotes the power of truth (that a "rod" denotes power, see n. 4013, 4015, 4876, 4936, 6947, 7011, 7026). And in Jeremiah:
They shall not take from thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone of foundations (Jer. 51:26);
where "a stone of foundations" denotes the truths of faith.
[6] In Job:
Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou knowest intelligence; who hath appointed the measures thereof, if thou knowest? Upon what were its bases? or who laid the cornerstone thereof? when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God sounded (Job 38:4-7)?
He who does not know what is signified in the internal sense by "the earth," by "the measures thereof," and by "the bases," also what by a "cornerstone," "morning stars," and "the sons of God," sees nothing of the secret therein, believing that it is the earth which is meant, and also its foundation, measures, bases, and corner stone; and knowing not at all what is signified by "the morning stars singing," and by "the sons of God sounding." But he will come out of darkness into light as soon as he knows that "the earth" denotes the church; that its "foundations" denote the truth of faith; its "measures," states of good and truth; its "bases," the supporting truths themselves; "the cornerstone," the power of truth; "the morning stars," the knowledges of good and truth derived from good; and "the sons of God," truths Divine. The latter are said "to sound" when they come into existence, and the former "to sing" when they arise.
* Here urbis, city; but in n. 8286 and 9818, orbis, world.
** In n. 1298, "carbuncle."


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