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9905. And thou shalt put unto the breastplate of judgment the Urim and Thummim. That this signifies the shining forth of Divine truth from the Lord in ultimates, is evident from the signification of "the breastplate of judgment," as being Divine truth shining forth from the Divine good of the Lord (see n. 9857); and from the signification of "the Urim and Thummim," as being light and the shining forth therefrom. That "the Urim and Thummim" denote light shining forth, is because through the stones in the breastplate the light of heaven shone forth with variety according to the answers that were being given through them. For this reason they were of different colors. For the Divine truth that proceeds from the Lord's Divine good appears before the angels as light, and from it is all the light of heaven. The colors derived from it, which are modifications of this light with the angels, are variegations of intelligence and wisdom with them; for all wisdom and intelligence are from this Divine truth or light. From this it can be seen that by the shining forth of various colors from this light, Divine truths, which are answers, are presented to view in the heavens. In like manner there was a shining forth through the Urim and Thummim, when inquiry was made of the Divine. But be it known that when the shining forth appeared, then at the same time an answer to the subject of inquiry was given in an audible voice. This was done through angels, to whom this answer was revealed by the Lord by means of such a shining forth; for, as before said, Divine truths which are answers appear in this manner in the heavens.
[2] (That the light of heaven is the Divine truth that proceeds from the Lord's Divine good, see n. 1053, 1521-1533, 1619-1632, 2776, 3094, 3138, 3167, 3190, 3195, 3222, 3223, 3337, 3339, 3341, 3636, 3643, 3862, 3993, 4060, 4180, 4302, 4408, 4414, 4415, 4419, 4527, 4598, 5400, 6032, 6313, 6315, 6608, 6907, 7174, 8644, 8707, 8861, 9399, 9407, 9570, 9571; and that colors appear in the heavens, and that they are modifications of this light with the angels, thus are variegations of intelligence and wisdom with them, n. 3993, 4530, 4677, 4742, 4922, 9466, 9467, 9865.)
[3] That this is the case, is also evident from the signification of "the Urim and Thummim;" for "Urim" means a shining fire; and "Thummim," the shining forth therefrom; the "shining fire" denotes the Divine truth from the Divine good of the Lord's Divine love, and the "shining forth" denotes this same truth in ultimates, thus in the effect. But be it known that in the Hebrew tongue "Thummim" means "integrity;" but in the angelic tongue a "shining forth." It is said "in the angelic tongue" because the angels converse with one another from the very essence of the subject perceived inwardly within themselves, thus according to its quality. From this the speech flows forth into a conformable sound that is audible to the angels only. The shining forth of the Divine truth is, in sound, "Thummim," whence comes its name. The like is perceived by the angels when thum is read in the Hebrew tongue, by which is signified what is entire, or integrity. It is from this that by "integrity,"* in the internal sense of the Word, is signified Divine truth in the effect, which is a life according to the Divine commandments (as can be seen from many passages in the Word; as Josh. 24:14; Judges 9:16, 19; Ps. 25:21; 37:37; 84:11; 101:2; 119:1).
[4] From this also it is that the Urim and Thummim are called "the judgment of the sons of Israel," also "the breastplate of judgment," and likewise "the judgment of Urim;" for "judgment" signifies Divine truth in doctrine and in life, as may be seen above (n. 9857). From all this it can now be seen that through the Urim and Thummim, that is to say, through the shining forth of the light of heaven, the breastplate revealed Divine truths in the natural sphere, thus in ultimates. There is also a similar shining forth inwardly with those who are in truths from good, which dictates, and as it were gives answers, when truth is sought from the affection of the heart, and when it is loved as good. That there is such a shining forth, whereby Divine truth is revealed from heaven in the natural man, with those who are enlightened from the Word, is not perceived in the world, for the reason that it is not known that any light from heaven enlightens man's understanding. But that such is the case has been given me to perceive, and also to see. Be it known further that this shining forth appears in ultimates, because all things that belong to light from the Divine descend even to the ultimate bounds; and because they descend to these, they also shine forth there, and from thence. This then is the reason why the breastplate was put upon the ephod, and above its girdle; for the ephod represented Divine truth in ultimates (n. 9824); and its girdle represented a general bond, that all things might be held in connection (n. 9828, 9837). Therefore it is said, "and they shall bind the breastplate by the rings thereof unto the rings of the ephod, that it may be upon the girdle of the ephod, and that the breastplate withdraw not from upon the ephod" (verse 28 of this chapter). The reason why the names of the sons of Israel were also engraved on it, was that the twelve tribes likewise represented all things of Divine good and truth in the heavens, consequently heaven together with all the societies there; and that they represented various things according to the order in which they are mentioned in the Word (see n. 3858, 3862, 3926, 3939, 4060, 4603, 6335, 6337, 6397, 6640, 7836, 7891, 7973, 7996, 7997).
* Rendered "sincerity," "integrity," "perfection," and "uprightness," in the English Bible. [REVISER.]


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