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AR 737

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737. The seven heads are seven mountains where the woman sitteth upon them (verse 10), and they are seven kings, signifies the Divine goods and Divine truths of the Word, upon which the Roman Catholic religious persuasion is founded, destroyed in time, and at length profaned. Since the Word is signified by "the scarlet beast," and therefore the goods of love and the truths of wisdom therein are signified by his "heads," on this account the quality of the Word as to these two with those that are meant by "Babylon," is here described, the Divine good of love there by "mountains," and the Divine truth there by "kings." That the goods of love are signified by "mountains," may be seen (n. 336, 339, 714); and that the truths of wisdom are signified by "kings" (n. 20, 664, 704), and that by "the head," when the Lord is spoken of, the Divine love of His Divine wisdom and the Divine wisdom of His Divine love are signified (n. 47, 538, 568); and that by "seven" is signified all and complete; and that it is said of holy things (n. 10, 391, 657); and that by "the woman" is signified the Roman Catholic religious persuasion (n. 723). Hence now by "the seven heads are seven mountains where the woman sitteth upon them," are signified the Divine goods and the Divine truths of the Word, upon which the Roman Catholic religious persuasion is founded. The reason is, that the whole Word is profaned and adulterated by that religious persuasion, see above (n. 717, 719-721, 723, 728-730).
[2] It is said to have been profaned in time, since in the beginning the Word was holy to them; but as they saw that they could dominate by the holy things of the church, they receded from the Word, and acknowledged their own edicts, precepts, and statutes as of equal, but really of superior holiness; and at length they transferred all the Lord's authority to themselves, not leaving anything. It is from their first state, when they held the Word holy, that Lucifer, by whom is meant Babel (n. 717), was called "Son of the morning;" but it is on account of their later state, that "he was let down into hell" (Isa. 14:5). But more may be seen on this subject in the Angelic Wisdom concerning the Divine Providence (n. 257). It may seem as if by "the seven mountains where the woman sitteth" is meant Rome; because that is built upon seven mountains, from which also it is named. But although Rome is meant, since the throne and tribunal of that religious persuasion is there, nevertheless by "the seven mountains" the Divine goods of the Word, and thence of the church, profaned, are here signified; for the number seven adds nothing else but what is holy, here what is profaned, as the same number does elsewhere; as where are mentioned:
Seven spirits before the throne of God (Rev. 1:4).
Seven candlesticks, in the midst of which was the Son of man (Rev. 1:13; 2:1).
Seven stars (Rev. 2:1; 3:1).
Seven lamps of fire before the throne (Rev. 4:5).
Seven seals, with which the book was sealed (Rev. 5:1).
Seven horns and seven eyes of the Lamb (Rev. 6:6).
Seven angels with seven trumpets (Rev. 8:2).
Seven thunders (Rev. 10:3-4).
Seven angels having seven plagues in vials (Rev. 15:1, 6-7).
In like manner here that the scarlet beast had "seven heads"; and that "the seven heads were seven mountains," and likewise were "seven kings."


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