(ISB) - The Interaction between Soul and Body That Some Attribute to a Flow of Energy from the Body, Some to a Flow of Energy from the Spirit, and Some to a Preestablished Harmony


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6. IV.

From that sun proceed heat and light, and the heat proceeding from it is in its essence love, and the light thence is in its essence wisdom.

It is known that in the Word, and thence in the common language of preachers, the Divine love is expressed by fire, as that heavenly fire fills the heart and kindles holy desires to worship God. The reason is because fire corresponds to love, and therefore signifies it. From this it is that Jehovah God was seen as fire in the bush before Moses, and in like manner on Mount Sinai before the sons of Israel; and that it was commanded that fire should be perpetually kept upon the altar, and that the lights of the lamp stand in the tabernacle should be lighted every evening. This was because fire signified love. [2] That there is heat from that fire is clearly evident from the effects of love; for a man is kindled, grows warm, and is inflamed, as his love is exalted into zeal, or into the wrath of anger. The heat of the blood, or the vital heat of men, and of animals in general, is from no other source than from the love, which constitutes their life. Nor is infernal fire anything else than love opposite to heavenly love. This then is the reason that the Divine love appears to the angels as the sun in their world, fiery like our sun, as was said above, and that the angels are in heat according to their reception of love from Jehovah God through that sun. [3] It follows from this that the light there is in its essence wisdom; for love and wisdom are indivisible, like esse and existere, for love exists through wisdom and according to it. This is very much as it is in our world, in that, in the time of spring, heat unites itself with light, and produces germinations and at length fructifications. Furthermore, everyone knows that spiritual heat is love, and spiritual light is wisdom, for a man grows warm according as he loves, and his understanding is in light according as he is wise. [4] I have often seen that spiritual light. It immensely exceeds natural light in brightness and also in splendor, for it is as brightness and splendor themselves, and appears like bright and dazzling snow, as the garments of the Lord appeared when He was transfigured (Mark 9:3; Luke 9:29). Since light is wisdom, therefore the Lord calls Himself:
The Light which enlightens every man (John 1:9).
And says in other places that:
He is the Light itself (John 3:19; 8:12; 12:35, 36, 46).
That is, that He is the Divine truth itself, which is the Word, thus wisdom itself. [5] It is believed that natural light which is also rational light, is from the light of our world; but it is from the light of the sun of the spiritual world; for the sight of the mind flows into the sight of the eye, thus also the lights, and not the reverse. If the reverse took place, there would be physical influx and not spiritual influx.


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