(ML) - Wisdom's Delight in Marriage Love: Followed by Insanity’s Pleasure in Promiscuous Love

ML 268

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268. After this, the two angels and also I myself were seized with the desire to see those who from love of the world are in the visionary concupiscence or fantasy of possessing the wealth of all men; and we perceived that this desire was inspired in us to the end that they might be made known. Their places of abode were under the earth beneath our feet, but above hell. We therefore looked at each other and said, "Let us go."
There was then seen an opening, and in it a ladder. After descending this ladder, we were told that they must be approached from the east lest we enter into the mist of their fantasy and be obscured as to our understanding and then at the same time as to our sight. [2] And lo, there was seen a house, constructed of reeds, being thus full of chinks. It stood surrounded by a mist which poured continually through the chinks of three of the walls like smoke. Entering, we saw men, fifty here and fifty there, sitting upon benches. They had their backs to the east and south, and were directing their gaze to the west and north. In front of each man was a table, and on the table bulging purses, and around the purses an abundance of gold coins. To our question, "Are these the riches of all the men in the world?" they said, "Not of all in the world but of all in the kingdom."
Their speech had a hissing sound, and they themselves were seen to have round faces which had a reddish glow like a snail-shell. Moreover, from the light of fantasy, the pupils of their eyes were as though glittering in a background of green.
Standing in their midst, we asked, "Do you believe that you possess all the riches of the kingdom?" to which they replied, "We do possess them."
We then asked them, "Which of you?" and they answered, "Each one of us." "How each one?" we asked, "you are many." They said, "Each one of us knows that all his are mine. No one is allowed to think, still less to say, "Mine are not yours" but it is allowed us to think and say, "Yours are mine"."
The coins on the tables seemed as though they were coins of pure gold, and this even to us. But when we let in light from the east, they were granules of gold which these men, by their common united fantasy, had magnified into coins. They said that it behooves every one who comes in, to bring some gold with him. This they cut up into little pieces, and these into granules; then, by the united power of their fantasy they enlarge these into coins of the larger sort.
[3] We then said, "Were you not born men of reason? Whence do you have this visionary foolishness?" to which they answered, "We know that it is an imaginary vanity, but because it delights the interiors of our minds, we come in here and are delighted as from the possession of all things. But we remain here only a few hours. When these have passed we go out, and each time we leave, a sound mind returns to us. Yet, every now and then our visionary delight comes over us and makes us again come in, and [we come in and] go out by turns. Thus we are alternately wise and insane. We know also that a hard lot awaits those who by craft deprive others of their goods."
We asked, "What lot?" and they said: "They are swallowed up and thrust naked into some infernal prison where they are made to work for clothing and food, and afterwards for a few small coins. These they hoard up and in them they set the joy of their heart; but if they do evil to their companions, they must give up a part of their small coins as a fine."


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