(ML) - Wisdom's Delight in Marriage Love: Followed by Insanity’s Pleasure in Promiscuous Love

ML 505

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505. IV. THAT AFTER DEATH THE LOT OF THOSE WHO HAVE CONFIRMED THEMSELVES IN THE LUST OF DEFLORATION AS NOT BEING AN EVIL OF SIN, IS GRIEVOUS. Their lot is this: After they have passed through the first period in the world of spirits, which is a period of modesty and morality because passed in company with angelic spirits, then, from their externals they are let into their internals and thus into the concupiscences by which they had been consumed in the world. They are let into their concupiscences that it may be seen in what degree these were, and if they were in a minor degree, that after being let into them they may be let out and be covered with shame. [2] But those who had been in this malignant lust to such an extent that they felt its delight as eminent, and gloried over their thefts as over rich spoils, do not suffer themselves to be led away from it. They are therefore left in their freedom. Immediately thereafter they wander about and inquire after brothels, and when these are pointed out, they enter them; these brothels are at the sides of hell. But when they meet none there but prostitutes, they go away and inquire where there are virgins. They are then taken to harlots who by fantasy are able to assume surpassing beauty and a blushing girlish charm and to pass themselves off as virgins. For these they have the same burning ardor as in the world. They therefore bargain with them; but when about to enjoy their bargain, the fantasy which had been induced from heaven is dispelled, and those virgins then appear in their own deformity, monstrous and dusky. Nevertheless, they are compelled to stick to them for a short time. These harlots are called sirens.
[3] If they do not suffer themselves to be led away from their insane lust by such bewitchments, they are cast down into a hell which is on the border of the south and west, beneath the hell of the more cunning harlots, and are there associated with their fellows. It was also granted me to see them in that hell, and I. Was told that many there were of noble stock and among the more opulent; but because they had been of such a character in the world, all memory of their lineage and of the dignity they had from their wealth is taken away, and the persuasion is induced that they had been vile slaves and therefore unworthy of any honor. [4] Among themselves they do indeed appear as men, but as seen by others who are allowed to look in there, they appear like apes, with a fierce face instead of a mild, and a horrible countenance instead of a pleasing. Their loins are contracted, and hence they walk bent downwards, their upper part leaning forwards as if about to fall. They are also ill-smelling. They loathe the sex and turn away from those of them whom they see, for they have no desire. Such do they appear when near by, but at a distance they seem like dogs of indulgence or whelps of delights, and something like barking is heard in the sound of their speech.


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