(ML) - Wisdom's Delight in Marriage Love: Followed by Insanity’s Pleasure in Promiscuous Love

ML 7

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7. After this he summoned the company of the wise, so called, who made heavenly joys and eternal happiness therefrom to consist in supereminent dominion and boundless wealth, and in super-regal magnificence and super-illustrious splendor; and this because it is said in the word that they shall be kings and princes, that they shall reign with Christ forever, and that they shall be ministered to by angels; besides much else. To these men the angel said: "Follow me and I will introduce you into your joys."
He then introduced them into a portico constructed with columns and pyramids. Fronting it was a low palace through which the way opened into the portico. It was through this palace that he introduced them. And lo! men were seen, twenty here and twenty there, all waiting in expectation. Then suddenly, one who personated an angel was present, and said to them, "Through this portico lies the way to heaven. Wait a little and prepare yourselves; for the elder among you are to be kings, and the younger, princes."
[2] When this had been said, then, beside each column appeared a throne, and upon the throne a silken robe, and upon the robe a scepter and a crown; and beside each pyramid appeared a chair of state, raised three cubits from the ground, and on each chair a chain with golden links, and the ribbon of an order of knighthood, joined at the ends with clasps of diamonds. Then a voice cried out, "Come, now, robe yourselves, take your seats, and wait."
Instantly the older men ran to the thrones, and the younger to the chairs of state, and putting on their robes sat down. There was then seen a kind of mist rising up from the lower regions; and from inhaling this mist, the faces of those sitting on the thrones and chairs began to be puffed up and their chests to be swollen and themselves filled with confidence that now they were kings and princes. This mist was an aura of the fantasy with which they were inspired. Suddenly young men flew to them, as if from heaven, and stood, two behind each throne, and one behind each chair, ready to wait on them; and then from time to time, proclamation was made by a herald: "Ye kings and princes, wait yet a little while. Your palaces in heaven are now being prepared. Courtiers with a retinue will presently come and introduce you." They waited and waited until their spirits panted for breath and they were utterly wearied with desire. [3] After three hours, heaven was opened above their heads, and angels looked down, and having compassion on them, said: "Why sit ye thus foolish and play the part of actors? They have been playing tricks with you, and have changed you from men to idols, because you have set your hearts upon the idea that you are to reign with Christ as kings and princes, and are to be ministered to by angels. Have you forgotten the Lord's words, that he who wishes to be great in heaven becomes a servant? Learn then what is meant by kings and princes, and what by reigning with Christ. It is to be wise and perform uses, the kingdom of Christ, which is heaven, being a kingdom of uses; for the Lord loves all men, and from love wills good to all, and good is use. And because the Lord does goods or uses mediately through angels, and in the world through men, therefore to those who perform uses faithfully He gives the love of use and the reward thereof, which is internal blessedness; and this is eternal happiness. [4] In the heavens as on earth there is pre-eminent dominion and boundless wealth; for there are governments there, and forms of governments, and therefore greater and lesser powers and dignities. And these who are in the highest dignity have palaces and courts excelling in magnificence and splendor the palaces and courts of emperors and kings on earth; and, from the number of their courtiers, ministers, and attendants, and the splendor of their apparel, honor and glory surround them. But the highest among them are chosen from those whose heart is in the public welfare, it being [to] the bodily senses alone that they are in the fullness of magnificence, and this for the sake of obedience. And since it is for the public welfare that every one in a society, as in one common body, shall be of some use, and since every use is from the Lord and is done through angels and men as if by them, it is evident that this is what is meant by reigning with the Lord."
On hearing these words from heaven, the impersonated kings and princes came down from their thrones and chairs of state and threw away their scepters, crowns, and robes. The mist wherein was the aura of fantasy then departed from them, and a bright cloud, wherein was an aura of wisdom, veiled them about, and from this aura sanity returned to their minds.


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