(TCR) - True Christian Religion: Containing the Whole Theology of the New Church Predicted by the Lord in Daniel 7:13-14 and Revelation 21:1-2

TCR 738

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738. After this the angelic leader returned to the hall, to those who had firmly persuaded themselves that heavenly joy and eternal happiness are a perpetual glorification of God and an endless festival; and this, because they had believed when in the world that after death they would see God, and because the life of heaven on account of the worship of God there, is called a perpetual sabbath.
To these the angel said, "Follow me, and I will introduce you into your joy." And he led them into a small city. In the center of it there was a temple, and all the houses were called sacred chapels. In this city they saw a gathering of people from every quarter of the surrounding country, and among them a number of priests who received the visitors, saluted them, and taking them by the hand led them to the gates of the temple, and then to some chapels round about the temple, and initiated them into the endless worship of God; saying, "This city is the vestibule of heaven, and the temple of this city is the entrance to a grand and spacious temple in heaven, where God is glorified by angels with praises and prayers forever. It is ordered both here and there that newcomers shall first enter the temple and remain there three days and three nights, and after this initiation shall enter into the houses of this city (which are so many chapels consecrated by us), and shall go from chapel to chapel, and in communion with those assembled there shall pray, and shout, and repeat what has been preached. Be very careful to think of nothing by yourselves and to speak of nothing with your companions, except what is holy, and pious, and religious."
[2] After this the angel led his company into the temple, which was full, and was crowded with many who had enjoyed great dignity in the world, and also with many common people. At the gates of the temple guards were placed to prevent anyone from going out until he had been there three days. And the angel said, "This is the second day since these people came in; watch them, and you will see how they glorify God."
And looking at them they saw most of them asleep, and those who were awake continually yawning; and some of them, in consequence of the continued elevation of their thoughts to God without any return whatever to the body, seemed like faces separated from their bodies (for so they appeared to themselves, and therefore to others); and the eyes of some looked wild from their being continually turned upward. In a word, the breasts of all were oppressed, and their spirits were weary with the tediousness; and they turned away from the pulpit and cried out, "Our ears are stunned, stop your preaching; we no longer hear a word; the very sound begins to be more than we can bear." And then they rose up and rushed in a mass to the gates, broke them open, overpowered the guards and drove them away. [3] Seeing this the priests followed, keeping close to them, teaching and teaching, praying and sighing, and saying, "Celebrate the festival, glorify God, sanctify yourselves; in this vestibule of heaven we will inaugurate you into an eternal glorification of God in the grand and spacious temple that is in heaven, and thus lead you into the enjoyment of eternal happiness." But the crowd did not understand these words, and scarcely heard them because of the dullness of their minds from a two days' suspension and detention from domestic and outdoor affairs. But when they attempted to tear themselves away from the priests, the priests caught them by the arms, and also by their clothing, urging them to the chapels to hear their sermons; but in vain. They cried out, "Let us go; we feel as if we should faint."
[4] At these words four men in white garments and with miters appeared. One of them when in the world had been an archbishop, and the other three had been bishops; they had now become angels. These called the priests together, and addressing them, said, "We saw you from heaven with these sheep, and saw how you are feeding them. You are feeding them even to madness. You do not know what glorifying God means. It means to bring forth the fruits of love, that is, to discharge faithfully, sincerely, and diligently the work of one's calling; for this is from love to God and love to the neighbor, and is the bond of society and the good of society. It is in this way that God is glorified, and then by worship at stated times. Have you not read these words of the Lord?
Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; and ye shall become My disciples (John 15:8).
[5] You priests may be in the glorifying of God by means of worship, because it is your office, and from it you have honor, glory, and remuneration; but you could no more continue in it than these people if honor, glory, and remuneration were not connected with your office."
So saying the bishops ordered the guards at the gate to let all pass out and to admit all, "for," they said, "there are a great many who can conceive of no other heavenly joy than the unceasing worship of God, because they have been wholly ignorant of what the heavenly state is."


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