(WH) - The White Horse in Revelation Chapter 19; and the Word and Its Spiritual Sense (from Mysteries of Heaven)

WH 8

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8. The Word cannot be understood except by means of doctrine from the Word. The doctrine of the church must be from the Word (n. 3464, 5402, 6832, 10763, 10765). The Word without doctrine is not understood (n. 9025, 9409, 9424, 9430, 10324, 10431, 10582). True doctrine is a lamp to those who read the Word (n. 10401). Genuine doctrine must be from those who are in enlightenment from the Lord (n. 2510, 2516, 2519, 2524, 10105). The Word is understood by means of doctrine formed by one enlightened (n. 10324). They who are in enlightenment form for themselves doctrine from the Word (n. 9382, 10659). What is the difference between those who teach and learn from the doctrine of the church, and those who teach and learn from the sense of the letter of the Word alone (n. 9025). They who are in the sense of the letter of the Word without doctrine, do not come into any understanding concerning Divine truths (n. 9409, 9410, 10582). They may fall into many errors (n. 10431). They who are in the affection of truth for the sake of truth, when they become adults, and can see from their own understanding, do not simply abide in the doctrinals of their churches, but examine from the Word whether they be true or not (n. 5402, 5432, 6047). Otherwise everyone would have truth from another, and from his native soil, whether he were born a Jew or a Greek (n. 6047). Nevertheless such things as are become matters of faith from the literal sense of the Word, are not to be extinguished till after a full view (n. 9039).
The true doctrine of the church is the doctrine of charity and faith (n. 2417, 4766, 10763, 10765). The doctrine of faith does not constitute the church, but the life of faith, which is charity (n. 809, 1798, 1799, 1834, 4468, 4677, 4766, 5826, 6637). Doctrinals are of no account, unless one lives according to them; and everyone may see they are for the sake of life, and not merely for the memory and thought thence derived (n. 1515, 2049, 2116). In the churches at this day the doctrine of faith is taught, and not the doctrine of charity, the latter being rejected to a science, which is called moral Theology* (n. 2417). The church would be one, if they should be acknowledged as men of the church from the life, thus from charity (n. 1285, 1316, 2982, 3267, 3445, 3451, 3452). How much superior the doctrine of charity is to that of faith separate from charity (n. 4844). They who know nothing concerning charity, are in ignorance with respect to heavenly things (n. 2435). They who only hold the doctrine of faith, and not that of charity, fall into errors; which errors are also described (n. 2383, 2417, 3146, 3325, 3412, 3413, 3416, 3773, 4672, 4730, 4783, 4925, 5351, 7623-7677, 7752-7762, 7790, 8094, 8313, 8530, 8765, 9186, 9224, 10555).
They who are only in the doctrine of faith, and not in the life of faith, which is charity, were formerly called the uncircumcised, or Philistines (n. 3412, 3413, 3463, 8093, 8313, 9340). The ancients held the doctrine of love to the Lord and of charity towards the neighbor, and made the doctrine of faith subservient thereto (n. 2417, 3419, 4844, 4955).
Doctrine formed by one enlightened may afterwards be confirmed by things rational and scientific; and that thus it is more fully understood, and is corroborated (n. 2553, 2719, 2720, 3052, 3310, 6047). See more on this subject in The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine (n. 51). They who are in faith separate from charity, would have the doctrinal of the church simply believed, without any rational intuition (n. 3394).
It is not the mark of a wise man to confirm a dogma, but to see whether it be true before it is confirmed; and that this is the case with those who are in enlightenment (n. 1017, 4741, 7012, 7680, 7950). The light of confirmation is a natural light, and not spiritual, and may exist even with the evil (n. 8780). All things, even falsities, may be so far confirmed, as to appear like truths (n. 2482, 2490, 5033, 6865, 8521).
* The translator has "philosophy," which is clearly a mistake.


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